A short battery life is the main problem of modern smartphones. A rare device lives longer than one or two days without charging with active use. The market has few phones with large batteries, because increasing the capacity of the battery leads to a thickening of the device and increasing its width, which is not what manufacturers need.
Far not always have the opportunity to timely charge your smartphone, but you need to stay connected. In such cases, you have to save battery power. Our tips will help your phone to last without charge much longer, while almost not reducing its functionality.

Using your battery on Android
Do not use live wallpaper. They look impressive, but they quickly put the battery
Prefer the “back” button to the “home” button. The back button puts the active application into the standby mode in the background. The “home” button leaves the application working, even if it is no longer needed
Use Wi-Fi when you need access to the Internet, because it consumes less power than 3G. Turn off Wi-Fi when you do not need internet, otherwise the phone will look for Wi-Fi network, which lowers the charge
Disable automatic sync or configure a longer sync interval
Disable vibration and vibration
You can lower the frequency of the processor (only if there is a root )
Use applications like Locale or Tasker to manage the Wi-Fi / GPS / Bluetooth / Screen brightness settings that are applied automatically based on certain conditions
Decrease the brightness of the screen. This is a universal and effective advice, because the screen is the main consumer of energy
From time to time, check the battery usage (Settings -> Power -> Battery Usage). This screen will show you what consumed the battery charge since the last charge. If you find an unexpectedly large battery usage from an unknown application, try to replace it.
If you do not need fast Internet and no Wi-Fi, then you can switch the mobile network to 2G mode. This will significantly save the charge.
At night, the phone can be switched to in-flight mode. Offline mode will save a few percent battery life

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